What is Next Generation Management?

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Over the coming months, and one hopes years, DCU Business School students from the MBS in Marketing, MSc in E-commerce (Business) and MSc in Business Management will participate a new initiative in DCU Business School called Next Generation Management.

The Next Generation Management (NGM) initiative is more than just another module postgraduate students attend while at DCU Business School. Starting with a weeklong Immersion Course, it is our attempt at instilling in our students the management qualities that DCU Business School believe essential for the success of our graduates, the organisations that will employ them, and the communities that they will serve. Our students will enter the jobs market in difficult times. We need to prepare them to be individuals ready for a career in management, who are adaptive and flexible, innovative and both socially responsible and accountable. They need to be ready to make a significant contribution to crafting and delivering organisational purpose in these uncertain times, regardless of geography and to be prepared for both the routine and the novel.

DCU Winners of the Accenture Leaders of Tommorow Competition 2009

DCU Winners of the Accenture Leaders of Tommorow Competition 2009

The NGM initiative is designed to deliver on this vision. Particular emphasis is placed on reflexive and critical thinking, collaborating with people, creating, sharing and applying knowledge and dealing with complexity. The module is structured around the major personal, organisational and contextual challenges in modern management and and specifically in a post-growth economy. NGM focuses on four key themes:

  • Personal and career development;
  • Leadership, teamwork and corporate accountability;
  • Global and societal awareness;
  • Research, media and communication.

Over the course of their programme at DCU Business School, students will collate evidence of their NGM experiences and how they have met the NGM requirements. Students attend learning events and participate in activities throughout the year, provide evidence of participation, reflection on learning and where necessary, complete assigned activities or coursework. Many of these will be chronicled in this blog and in the students blog (

At the core of the initiative is for students to take accountability for their own learning. As such, they can propose events and activities which they feel meet the NGM objectives. Events include:

In the eighties, NIHE/DCU played a critical role in preparing the first generation of professional Irish management for the Celtic Tiger Era. Hopefully, DCU‘s next generation of graduates will be equally successful in delivering the next generation of the Irish economy.

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