Time to Collaborate – The DCU Business School Next Generation Management Immersion Course: Day Four

In DCU Business School, MBS in Marketing, MSc in Business Management, MSc in E-commerce on November 10, 2009 at 3:14 pm
John Kenna Quote

John Kenna from Hosca Management Consultants Officiated for the NGM Teambuilding Workshop

Finally…a break for my weary and at this stage sore throat. Also, a break from QG15 – 160+ students for 3 days, 8 hours per day….it wasn’t good!

Today’s theme was team-building. Again, we worked with external specialists – Hosca Management Consultants. For the last couple of years, we have delivered teambuilding in small groups and on a programme-by-programme basis. While this was sufficient, it didn’t necessarily allow for cross-programme socialisation, some students had participated in similar workshops and to be honest, it didn’t scale. And withn 160+ students, we needed scalability. As such over a number of weeks, we worked with Hosca to design a teambuilding workshop that blended theory, activity and individual reflection.

The day started with students registering and completing the Belbin Self-perception Inventory for Team Roles . Once completed, students were assigned groups with members from each of three DCU Business School NGM programmes i.e.  MBS in Marketing, MSc in Business Management and MSc in E-Commerce. Hosca staff then presented and discussed Belbin and the theory behind team roles. The the fun began.

NGM Teambuilding activities varied

NGM Teambuilding activities varied

Due to the size of the class and unpredictable Irish weather in late-September, we rented DCU Gym for the day and with Hosca designed 12 activities that teams would complete. These were largely mapped to the Belbin team roles. Each team was competing against the others for the marvellous DCU Gym Bag prizes. Each activity was supported by a Hosca member of staff. The feedback from the students was great although after 3-4 hours, fatigue had set in. We finished the day with some video content and discussion on the day’s activities.

Some activities were hands-on...

Some activities were hands-on...

Team work and the ability to collaborate is essential in the modern organisation. As such, it is an integral part of DCU Business School postgraduate education. The day’s activity demonstrated that learning can be fun, productive and meet a number of aims. A number of students remarked upon the fact that they got to increase their circle of friends again through the team activities. Hopefully, they can carry this through to their coursework and in to the workplace.

Some weren't.

Some weren't.


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