Shanghai 2010: Day One of the DCU Business School Trip to Shanghai 2010

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DCU Business School Next Generation Management Students Travelling to Shanghai with Dr. Claire Bohan (DCU International Office), Professor Ferdinand von Prondzynski (DCU President) and Dr. Theo Lynn (Director, DCU LINK Research Centre)

First there was three, then 12, then 21, then 29 and today (14 June 2010) there are only 28 – yes, I am leading a group of 24 postgraduate students, one research assistant and two teaching assistants (excluding Monkey, our trip mascot) to Shanghai for a week – am I mad? Quite possibly.

Monkey and Me

Monkey and Me

So why Shanghai? Actually, the origins of the trip came from a Next Generation Management workshop organised in November 2009 on doing business in China. At that seminar, Deirdre Walsh (ChinaGreen) and Frank Ennis (The Porterhouse) inspired us on their plans for World Expo 2010 which was to be held in Shanghai…..7 months later, we’re on our way!

Zara Walsh, Carolann O'Sullivan, Niamh NiClamha and Rob Eliffe at Dublin Airport before departing to Shanghai (Other Group Members in Background)

Bleary-eyed,we kicked off the trip at 7am on Monday, June 14th at Terminal One of Dublin Airport with one man down – Neil Bruton, one of the trip organisers lost his passport the day before. The Shanghai 2010 group is a diverse one with representatives from all three Next Generation Management programmes – MSc in E-commerce (Business), MBS in Marketing and the MSc in Business Management – and eight countries – Germany, Lithuania, Malta, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the USA and of course, Ireland. The full group were:

DCU Business School Shanghai 2010 Group at Dublin Airport

Surprisingly everyone turned up on time and the trip was officially started with Professor Darach Turley of DCU Business School popping along to the airport to wish us all well.

Professor Darach Turley (DCU Business School) wishing us well on our trip at Dublin Airport

The first leg of our flight involved flying Dublin to London Heathrow via Aer Lingus and then transferring via Heathrow Express to Terminal 5. Our major concern was losing people in transit but we had no major problems.Once we got to Terminal 5, however, we had to have our tickets reissued by BA which took up valuable time and unfortunately lunch at Huxleys had to be curtailed as we had to pay our bills early without any food and rush to make our connection to Shanghai Pudong Airport on British Airways.

Rosemary Clancy and Rob Elliffe in London Heathrow, Terminal 5

The flight to Shanghai takes c. 12 hours i.e. most of Day One but it, excuse the the turn of phrase, flew by.

Lorna NiMhuiri, Keith Lawless and Beatrice Metzler on BA Flight to Shanghai

Although the main body of the group flew economy class, BA do have pretty good personal entertainment systems and while Rob Elliffe used some Irish charm to entertain the cabin crew (one of which was from Malahide in Co. Dublin), most students took the time to read up on Shanghai, watch some films, and….sleep! I, unfortunately, had to write this blog and catch up on long overdue work and so flew premium economy so I could plug in my laptop…at least, that’s my excuse!

Rob Elliffe contemplates on which wine to try next...

More photos on flickr. Day Two to follow….


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